A Seasonal Look at the Best Seasonal Foods

Sitting here staring at my computer, the only thing that kept floating into my head was how hungry I was and what my favourite food would be. This might seem like the normal habit of the ever expanding populous, but for me I always need to be a little more creative about the whole thing. To take my mind off the delicious things floating through my mind and draw my attention away from the fact that I had cold pizza in the fridge (breakfast of kings). More than what my favourite food was it was which season my favourite food came from that drew my mind to a top four seasonal highlights of the whole year.

As we are just coming out of it, lets start with Winter. Its a time of year were you are feeling cold and therefore long for things that warm or cheer you up. Now the simple thing here would be to say turkey with a full roast vegetable bonanza, wash that down with a medium to sweet white wine followed by a glass of Whiskey and Stones Ginger wine. Sounds lush doesn’t it, but I would have to say that that it was actually receiving a Christmas Hamper, A feast of fresh food that I didn’t have a clue was going to be sat on the front doorstep until the delivery man came a knocking. It included a wonderful quarter ring of wonderful Quenby Hall Stilton, a side of Loch Fyne’s incomparable smoked salmon. Glenlivet and Noval Port, a James Chocolates Giant Mosaic Bar and some gorgeously smooth coffee that I can’t quite remember at this moment of typing. Its a great type of year for foods you normally wouldn’t go for but I think what gave this the edge was the surprise value and the quality that made the sharing of food that much more enjoyable.

Now for Spring I would say that the next food on my events list would be, a Gammon roast, scratchings with apple sauce and once again roast vegetables. This however is slightly beaten to the spring time title by the gorgeous baked goods that are flying about in this season. For starters you have pancakes which can be sweet or savory and have the fun element of being able to be flung through the air (Cast iron pans a little heavy for this and make dents in surfaces). My close second on this are Hot cross buns toasted with butter plastered over them (these with a cup of tea take me off somewhere, not sure where, but believe me its nice!). A few of you might have instantly imagined Easter baskets brimming over with chocolate eggs, which of course is nice but always leaves me feeling like I have just given myself chocolate poisoning.

The Summer season is a weird one for me with Curries being high on my great seasonal summer foods, I particularly like Thai curries and soups for their fragrance and lightness. Italian foods however have a way of always getting just ahead with the diversity of tastes matched with functionality (yes the pizza in the fridge does keep drawing me to it, but I must resist). The food I have chosen for the summer time however is the trusty clotted cream ice cream. Its a gorgeous ice cream that when you are hot has no comparison, it even makes you feel better when you have had a bad day at work and need something to take your mind of things.

Autumn on the other hand takes us optimistically back into the darker times of the year where the leaves are falling from the trees and the need for warmth is starting to draw in the warmer foods again. This time of year for me can’t be beaten by the good old Cornish pasty, its something that you can pop in your lunch box and makes you smile when you pull it out for lunch. It also goes really well hot with a pint of Guinness. I did think to say Stews with a round of dumplings placed on the top, but the sheer functionality of the pasty tops this simmering stunner. I hope you have found my seasonal selection tempting, I have now worked myself up to the lovely pizza that awaits me in the fridge, after all it is almost the summer time!