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by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on August 26, 2012

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The Healthy Living Summit wasn’t just fun and games it was some serious learning! I learned so much useful stuff that I thought I’d share some of the information with you! (: No need to thank me! (:

The one idea that I thought was brilliant at #HLS is that they had people live tweeting during the sessions. This means you can go back to twitter and find out more information if you want to and since you had to pick 1 of 2 sessions that were going on at the time you still know what was going on in the other one. Awesome right?

Well lets start with the session that I thought gave me the most useful information: #HLSMedia is the hashtag if you want to look up more!
Heather from Running With Sass held the session!

Facebook Page:
-Just like Google, Facebook uses complicated algorithms to calculate the relevancy of a post to a user. When deciding what is more important Facebook looks at the highest “weight” of the post. Videos carry the highest weight followed by comments, links, and text.
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-If you want people to interact more on your Facebook page ask questions and use the fill in the blank method. You want more comments because comments hold 4 times more weight than likes.
-Have a reason that people will want to like your Facebook group.
Offer exclusive news and updates to just Facebook fans.
untitled 8
-Update your about me section. Make sure there are links to other social media websites of yours. You can also add feeds to your page. {see the instagram, twitter, and pinterest ones}
-Follow who your demographic is and how many people you have been reaching. This is my page you see where it says insight? Click the see all button.
It can break it down for you in several ways. This is just one way. I thought this was really neat. I’ve never noticed it before until this session.
-If you go back to your Facebook page you can see how many people viewed your post. See what works and what doesn’t.
12 - 1 (1)
Isn’t all that awesome? Guess what there is even a Pages app for your iPhone that you can use to follow your page even on the go!

#HLSMedia 7
The other awesome app and thing for your computer that you can download is the Buffer App!
-If you go to bufferapp.com you can download it to the top bar of your web browser.
-This app lets you connect your Facebook page and Twitter page so you can tweet or post about whatever page you are on. So your own blog or if you are on a website that you like the content you can tweet it just by clicking a button.
-Another cool thing about this app is you can schedule tweets or posts to your facebook page. So when you aren’t around you can still be tweeting. {ecsp because we know you can get lost in the tweeting world very fast.}
12 - 1
-They also have an iPhone app so you can use it on the go!

Heather talked about a lot of other things as well. I could probably go on and on.
#HLSMedia 1  #HLSMedia 2 #HLSMedia 3  #HLSMedia 5 #HLSMedia 6
See what I mean? and this is just some of the tweets!
There are a lot more! You can find them all by searching #HLSMedia on Twitter or you can go to Kelly’s Blog. She was live tweeting through the session and has everything on her post!

Heather also has some information on her blog post from HLS.

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