Just Dance 4 Review

by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on November 21, 2012

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This is probably going to be my favorite post ever! haha!
A couple of weeks ago through the Clever Girls Collective I got the opportunity to try Just Dance 4. I have been wanting to play this game seriously forever now! I think every Christmas its on my list but I just never got it. Needless to say I was pumped. Crash or no crash I knew I was at least going to go through the motions! So Eric and I set up the Wii and got to work. {Dance Partyyy}

It was really easy to set up. You create your person so that it saves under that name every time you play! My name was LilDani and I picked the dog face, of course, to be my logo. {I was kind of sad I couldn’t write my whole name at the name part. Danielle isn’t that long in my book}

two versions
Then you go to the home page and you have two options: Just Dance or Just Sweat.

Lets talk first about Just Dance. That is where you get to pick 1 song to dance to. Of course I picked the first one because it was “CALL ME MAYBE” prob one of my fav songs! Each song also had a difficulty level. Call Me Maybe was a 1 difficulty which was perfect to start off.

I played first. I got a score of about 4000 and some.
Then Eric played he beat my score by 2000 but like I said I could barely move haha!
When playing the game the one thing I wasn’t really impressed with was the graphics! I really thought they were supposed to be clear and more life like. It was still nice though!

After playing my first game I checked out the rest of the songs. They seriously have everything. I thought Just Dance 4 would just have new music but I was wrong. It had everything from Call Me Maybe… Disturbia… to “The Final Countdown” and Elvis Presley. It is definitely a game anyone could play!
Now lets head over to the Just Sweat option!
I didn’t even know they had this option before trying out the game. It is awesome though! You can pick a time 10, 25, 45 minutes then you pick one of the workout options. I picked the 10 min. cheerleader one.

It is just like a workout. It starts you up with a warmup, then you do a couple of real dances and then it even has a cool down and works on stretching. Howe perfect? I could seriously do this workout every morning! To get my blood flowing before starting out the day!

I was really impressed by this game. It actually surpassed what I originally thought! I loved it and I definitely urge anyone that has a Wii console to buy it! You can buy it at ToysRUs or at Amazon! They also have it for WiiU, Xbox 360 and PS3. The best part is its not 100 dollars like most video games. I’ve seen it as low as $29.99 and you never know maybe you can find an awesome black Friday deal! (:

PS: If you go and buy this tonight I’m sure it would be a big hit at Thanksgiving tomorrow! Could also be an awesome workout to burn off those pumpkin pie calories! (:

Questions: Have you ever played Just Dance 4? What is your favorite song to dance to? Will you buy it?

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