Lots of Goodies

by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on October 16, 2012

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Lots of exciting things going on lately.
Lets first back up to yesterday.
I got my first CrossFit Uncompromised shirt! I love it. I can’t wait to represent the awesome box I have joined!
After CrossFit I went to Sweet Frog… for a couple of reasons. 1. I had a free cup this time. {they have a punch card and once you buy 10 you get one free} 2. I haven’t had fro yo in what seems like years but probably a couple of weeks. 3. I saw they had Pumpkin, Nutella and Banana Nut Muffin… Um… I’m in! It was soooo good. I topped it with some peanuts, cookie dough, waffle cones, pumpkin cake and peanut butter.
I also found some more goodies. Turkey Hill Pumpkin Pie ice cream. I couldn’t resist trying that too! {Ice cream/Fro Yo in one day=Perfection} It is soooo good! So if you live in PA and haven’t tried it.. I would get on that ASAP! I also got some Lifeway Frozen Kefir. I won a giveaway and received a coupon in the mail for it. Unfortunately it took me forever to find in my grocery stores! The one I finally found it in only had tart and strawberry… so strawberry it is! {Where was the pumpkin?}
When I got home from errands I had a giveaway win on my front steps. Anti Fatigue supplements from Kroeger Herb! Thanks! They are soooo big though. I might have to cut them to get them down. {I still at the age of 24 can’t swallow pills} They also gave me a book of all of their cool supplements!
Yesterday was my night to cook dinner. I made breaded chicken wraps. Topped it with some cheese, lettuce and honey mustard. {I find it so hard to find the best honey mustard… you know the ones you get at restaurants… in the grocery store. This one wasn’t very good. I think I like more of a honey taste then mustard. Should I make my own?}

I also went to bed at 7:30pm. Ugh Mondays and Tuesdays are my favorite days ever! I think I am so sleep deprived from a week of working and late football games and what not that when Mondays hit I just want to go to bed… and early!
My morning started with some oats in a peanut butter jar. I finished off my wild harvest peanut butter last week and I have been waiting for the perfect day to make oats in a jar. Yummy! I also added some Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Chobani in with the banana and oats. This was the first time I ever paired Chobani and Peanut Butter… and let me tell you… DELICIOUS! if you haven’t tried it… you must! (:
Today I am calling Baking/CrockPot/Cooking day. I already have one thing in the CrockPot… It has to to deal with apples. {The last of my apples actually} Can’t wait to share with you guys some more awesome recipes this week!

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