Make Healthy Recipe Treats

Looking for some healthy recipe treats to maintain your diet and at the same time reward yourself on your success so far? Here are ways you can make them treats and deserts healthier.

Ice cream – If you’ve got that ice cream craving, look for substituting ice cream with frozen yoghurt instead. It’s generally lower in fat and calories. However also be aware of their sugar content as they can be high. There are low fat, low sugar frozen yogurts available, so find them and treat yourself. Low fat ice-cream can also be an option but make sure you satisfy your craving in moderation.

Fruit crumble – If you’re making a fruit crumble, make sure you choose vitamin rich seasonal fruits. Make crumble with oatmeal, spices toasted seeds and wholemeal flour which all contain complex carbohydrates and are high in fibre, mean you’ll feel fuller after a smaller serving. If you must use a little butter and sugar, but you can also sweeten the dish with dried fruits, raisins and spices instead.

Creams and Custards – When using creams or custard for cakes or sweets, always opt for the low fat versions. Including low fat yoghurt, creme fraiche and frozen yoghurt. Low fat custard can also be classed at a superfood as it’s low in calories and contain bone strengthening calcium.

Fruit pie – Pack it with superfoods such as blueberries, and also add nuts and seeds to the mix to increase your fruit and healthy fat intakes. The pastry for pies always contain the majority of the calories so make it a bottomless one, and have the pastry just on the top. This cuts more than half the calories just from the pastry.

Finding healthy recipe treats is actually not difficult. There are always low fat, low sugar alternative to substitute for traditional recipe ingredients, and on top of that if you just stick to correct portion sizes, i.e. one piece of cake no bigger than the size of your palm, you’ll have no trouble rewarding yourself and not feeling guilty at the same time. Make dieting easier by eating more of the best foods for you.