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My Featured Recipes on Punchfork
I don’t know if I’m like not with it or if this is something new for people as well so I’m going to share it. When I was driving to work on Friday I heard about this website called Punchfork. They were talking about how it is like Pinterest but with just food. Well of course you knew that I was on board!
As I was sitting on the couch last night looking for meals to make for next week I turned to it for help… and help it did! This website is seriously awesome. It is just recipe… after recipe… after recipe! Yes, you heard me right!

The best part about it though is the sorting system.
Do you see that Paleo option right there? I sure do! I think its sometimes hard to find different paleo food options. Here they are all in one place and they all look delicious!

You might be wondering: well, where do they find all of these recipes? Don’t worry they have the answer of that on their website.
how it works
Ahhh gotcha! So all of these recipes are yummy before they come into this website! Even better!

Lets take a look at an example of a recipe on the website shall we.
I picked the Easy Paleo Frittata. When you click on it you can see where it came from, ratings, how many people tweeted, shared on facebook, who liked it, etc. {BTW instead of ‘pinning’ things if you want to remember it on this website you ‘like’ it and it gets put onto your page.}
Also on the page it tells you the ingredients that you will need to make it.
The other thing I really like about this website it TELLS you straight UP how good it is and the ingredients. I’m not fishing around trying to find it! This is definitely a website that I am going to keep for when I need to do some Sunday planning for the week.

Another thing you might be wondering that I was wondering too is how do the calculate the recipe rating.
how they are calculated
Well now you know! (: Aren’t you glad you are reading this post?! haha.

Another great reason why I think this website is going to take off: Punchfork has been acquired by Pinterst. We all know pinterest is today’s best thing but punchfork I think is definitely the next best thing!

Questions: Have you ever heard of this website? Are you going to check it out now?

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