Random Friday 1.4.13

by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on January 4, 2013

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It’s another edition of Random Friday… you know all those pictures that I take all week and don’t have the chance to post… so ready! yay!
First things first I got this super cute t-shirt in the mail from Greatist! Love those people! There’s not another group of people on the earth that gets healthy living like these folks! If you haven’t checked out their website and if you haven’t signed up for their daily newsletter than you are definitely missing out and you should probably do that… just sayin! (:

You know in high school when you start collecting t-shirts and then you think oh I’ll stop doing this in college but then you end up with like 50 more and then when school is over all together you are like oh no more t-shirts for real this time its grown up time and its all about dress up clothes to wear to work… well if you ever thought that you are definitely wrong! I still collect shirts. I swear in 2010 I got like 50 new t-shirts. I’m not complaining at all when I get sick of them they are going to make the perfect t-shirt quilt but man you always think it is going to end haha! Well anyways here is another new shirt I got this week! (: #addicted!
I love my crossfit boxes new shirts! they are so cute.. well okay cute probably isn’t the word but you know what I mean! I love the font and message on the back! (: Can’t wait to collect more {whoops}

Check out the toy I got in the mail earlier this week! Isn’t it so cute? It is from WODToys. I thought Harleyyy and Hunter could practice their crossfit with it but well… that may take a lot of my time and well I need all the extra time I have for blogging right?! They definitely should think about creating time for Dog WOD’s at boxes nation wide… oh wait I should totally save that as a business proposal!

In a town nearby they drop some type of dove chocolate product at midnight on new years eve! Luckily, that is one of the drops we covered on new years eve… they gave us chocolate in return. I didn’t complain especially once I saw this lovely message! Fine Dove I will do everything with love!

I got this really cute bag thanks to Steph @ The Event Crashers. I’m kinda like in love with Chevron. My wedding might be filled with it! No big deal.

Need a workout idea? Why not help with this challenge? A Tribesports member created this one called Run to the Moon! The goal is to run 384,400km by August 5th {Neil Armstrong’s birthday} It is to celebrate the life of the first man to walk on the moon! If you are interested in helping out you definitely should! (:

Question: What is a random thing that happened to you this week? Are you going to join in the challenge?

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