Seasoning Foods With Real Salt Vs Table Salt

The number one treatment for cellulite is based on eating the right foods, balanced with a good workout routine, focusing on strength training around the lower body.

For the diet side of cellulite reduction, it’s usually said that you must reduce your salt intake, as it’s bad for your health overall. If you enjoy adding that pinch of table salt to your dinner, for a bit of flavor, you can find yourself switching away from foods you’d otherwise enjoy.

Brining your turkey is one example of that, as it that can take what’s associated with a dry white meat, and turn it into a deliciously, tender and juicy turkey that’s mouth-wateringly delicious.

But if you’re on the traditional anti cellulite diet recommendations, then you’ll probably be looking to avoid the high concentration of derivatives found in the traditional salt.

That doesn’t mean that you have to cut out all salt from your diet though. In fact, you can make a real difference to your skin by including salt. That is provided you eat the right salts. Natural “real” salt. Salt of the culinary nature, which is organic.

The difference is the way the salt is made. Table salt is the one that most of the scientific studies you find, relating to salt consumption are based on the worlds most widely available salt. The table salt, mass-produced, and enthralled with a platitude of derivatives.

Bad times!

Organic salt is found all over the world. It’s salt that fish live in. Place a fish in a bowl with table salt added and they die. Do the same with sea salt and they thrive.

It’s that mineral salt, enriched with nutrients that help your skin look tremendous, and when taken regularly can do a wonder on cellulite.

By nature, the body needs and maintains a high amount of nutrients and trace minerals. It’s how every organ and bone in your body is supported to function efficiently. It’s also why water consumption is extremely important for health reasons.

When you think of an IV put into someone in hospital, it’s never just plain water, with no additions. It’s liquid fluid, chock full of nutrients and minerals, and it’s necessary when the body is low on them.

The right concentration of “real salt” can give you that necessary nourishment for optimum health.

The key is to replace high sodium chloride based salt, to a salt that’s dense in nutrients.

The benefits to your health can stem from seeing a visible reduction in cellulite appearance, to successfully lowering your blood pressure, and even reducing fatigue.