Summertime Snacks

Most everyone cheers when summer is on its way. Summer is almost here! In fact, in some areas of the country, summer is here for all practical purposes. In summer we have more freedom and fun times, relaxation in the sun, maybe even a neat vacation.

Summer also of course means hot weather. Summer weather can make even the most put-together person feel like they might just melt! You’ll want to have some ways to refresh yourself. It is a good idea to have ways to cool yourself off and feel better.

Snacks are also important during the summer months. You are outside, you will be doing more leisure activities, snacks can keep you energized on the go. Snacks can also help you cool yourself down if you choose wisely.

Many popular summer snack foods are only available in the summer months. You should try them this summer, don’t let another season go by without enjoying these treats.

Frozen yogurt. Right now frozen yogurt is hugely popular and for good reason. It is delicious, and it is actually pretty healthy. Frozen yogurt comes in many different tasty flavors, it is cooling, and it has far fewer calories than ice cream. Try this for a delicious and low calorie summer snack.

Iced coffee. You may love your coffee during the winter months, when curling up with a steaming cup is just the thing for warming up when snow is falling outside. But, you may think, coffee is best for the winter and you need to pick different beverages for the summer months. How do you get the caffeine you need without the heat?

Put that coffee over ice instead! It’s just as delicious served cold. Other cold drinks that will give you the boost you are looking for include chai tea over ice.

Snow cones. If you are at an outdoor concert or fair or festival, keep an eye out for the snow cone vendor. Snow cones are sweet cool treats that are inexpensive and easy to carry while you are walking around. They’re also generally only available in summer, so if you don’t try one now you won’t be able to get one for many more months.