Sweaty Sunday 2. 23.14

by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on February 23, 2014

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There’s only a couple of more days until the CrossFit Open starts! Meaning, this was the last full week of workouts to get me ready. I haven’t really figured out my whole rest, take it easy days for this upcoming week. If I take a rest day it is usually on Sundays, which is now the 2nd attempt at the Open WOD if we want to do it so I probably will (unless it is 150 wall balls and 90 double unders… count me out!).

I think I might continue what I’m doing and just take it easy on Thursdays (aka not lift as heavy or go as hardcore). I’m usually not sore, sore after workouts so I don’t think I will have to take a break during the week. We shall see.

sweaty Sunday 
Anyways now to the workouts I did this week:

Monday– The skill we did was 4 rounds of 4 bench presses at 80%. I actually did one at almost 100% for me (78lbs) which reminds me that I should probably redo my 1 rep max. Getting stronger baby!

monday wod 
Part of the WOD I knew would be tough because at open gym the day before I did seriously 100 snatches! I just cut the weight back a little bit for them. It was fun to do handstand push-ups in a WOD again. I wish we did that more! 😉

Tuesday– I went to the gym and ran/walked 4 miles. I did this workout using the PEAR app (more on this app later this week!) that made me do hill intervals and even some sprinting! Sprinting on the treadmill scares me by the way.

We worked on a 2 rep max deadlift. I actually got the whole way up to my 1 rep max but I just couldn’t do another one. It doesn’t help that I worked on my 1 rep max on Sunday.
tuesday wod
The WOD wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My shoulder is still acting strange when I do a push press so thrusters hurt at the top. I just kept the weight light and when it started to hurt I brought my arms down. 

Wednesday– Today was one of those days that I should’ve took off. My body was sore, I was tired and my body just wanted to rest. However, I hate missing a workout.

The skill was 8 minutes. On the even minutes we did four squat cleans and on the odd minutes we did 6 ring dips. My shoulders were already fried after the skill by the time we got to the WOD.

wednesday wod

FRIED! Remember that time I said I should’ve took today off. I hate wall balls. Burpees weren’t awful but I went too hard right off the bat. Handstand holds I knew would be tough but I didn’t think they would be as tough as they were. I got 4 out of the 6 rounds. Dumbbell snatches were the hardest. My arms just didn’t want to move. Glad that one is over.

Thursday– Remember when I said I should’ve took a rest day on Wednesday, well I did that on Thursday. I needed it. Rest Rest Rest is key!

Friday– We worked on our 1 rep max push press. I was going to pass on it because of my right shoulder but I attempted it and set a new PR.. 105#! Yippee. That is is bodyweight so I was pretty excited about that. My last PR was 88#! My shoulder only bothered me when it was fully extended at the top. For some of the practice rounds I extended just until it started bothering me.

Friday WOD 
Ugh.. the WOD. I honestly don’t know what my deal is with double unders but they need to get their act together and pronto! My overhead squats are getting better though. I think all the practice I have been putting into that and snatches is working!

Saturday– It was sooooo nice out! It was great to see some running in a WOD again. I know I will take that back in the spring.

saturday wod
This WOD was hard. I did some pretty heavy squat snatches for me anyways (50#… 63# is my max). I felt really good doing them though (most of the anyways). I was keeping the bar close to me and fully extending in the overhead position. The chest to bars though were hard. They are fine in warm-ups but once I’m fatigued at all, I got nothin’. It took me A LONG time to do the WOD. I was last, which wasn’t awful, at least I was there and doing moves that I need to practice. My team was finished with 1500m by the time I got on the rower… the last 500m were mine.

Sunday– Running 3 miles outside, if it doesn’t rain. There is no CrossFit Open Gym and my other gym has 2 HUGE tournaments this weekend so I’d probably spend more time in line to park than actually working out. Luckily, it’s supposed to me nice out again today!

Now its your turn: Do you listen to your body when it needs a rest day? What is the one workout you need to work on?

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