Work Vending Machines. {Healthy or Not Healthy}

by Danielle @ Itsaharleyyylife on September 20, 2012

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Today we are going to talk about vending machines. This is what our work “kitchen/break area” looks like. Pretty plain. Nothing special. We do have 4 vending machines. {one for coffee, food, drinks, soda}
Now I want to talk about how health these machines are. Lets start with food shall we:
I did some research to try and find how many calories some of these have:
Doritos Cool Ranch: 260 Calories {1 bag}
Sour Cream and Onion Herrs Chips: 160 Calories. {1 serving}
Lays Classic Potato Chips: 160 Calories {1 serving}
Snyders Pretzels: 120 {1 serving}
Combos: 240 Calories {1 bag}
Snickers Bar: 266 Calories {1 bar}
Twizzlers: 240 Calories {1 bag}
Snackwell’s Creme Sandwich Cookies: 210 {1 package}
Tasty Cake Chocolate Cupcakes: 210 {2 cupcakes}

I’m still trying to figure out what the healthy option is in the machine. Any ideas? Maybe the pretzels? or the popcorn? maybe? This machine has this mark on it:
Balanced Choices… I’m not sure if I would call a snack that was 250 calories Balanced. Lets see what else they stand for: less than 35% total fat, 0 trans fat {thats actually good} Sodium less than 350 mg.
Do you see that Candy and Nuts and seeds are exempted!?

Well anyways what I’m getting at is this vending machine stands for a balanced lifestyle but they don’t really have anything healthy in it! I mean how is a candy bar in a machine any good?! Ridic.

Our break area also has two soda machines. {if one wasn’t enough} The one on the left also has orange and apple juice, teas, energy drinks and milks. I guess I could get behind the milk being good for you and the water but the juices are probably like 20% real juice. The sodas are probably 2 servings in one. Energy drinks… I know everyone gets tired but I’m not sure that is the healthiest option either. The machine on the left also carries some food. Mostly its burgers or pizzas that you put in the microwave. Again also not healthy. The other day though I did see a yogurt in there.. FOR THE FIRST TIME! It was like a miracle. Finally one healthy option in the group!

I don’t know maybe I expect too much out of vending machines and I guess not everyone is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. They probably buy a lot out of them. I’m not going to lie and say that I never buy anything out of it because I do. The other day I bought a Doritos Cool Ranch bag. I brought a sandwich and needed something else to go with it. I decided there weren’t too many healthy options inside so I went with what I was craving and Doritos it was. I don’t buy foods out of it all the time though. There is some talk about some new vending machines coming. Hopefully there are more lunch and healthier options!

Questions: Do you have vending machines at work? Are any of the products healthy? Do you use the vending machines?

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